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FDA-cleared LASER for relief of pain, injuries, neuropathy, and wounds...


The laser specialists at Integrative Foot & Ankle Centers are physicians and surgeons specially trained in laser therapy for the feet and legs, that have been successfully treating patients and clients with laser therapy for various conditions for several years in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton in Palm Beach County. And for pain management and healing, we offer superior, painless laser treatments that are more effective than from a typical "cold laser" or low-level light therapy (LLLT) laser. It is an effective and low-cost adjunct to physical therapy for acute and chronic pain and injuries, that not only relieve pain but also reduce inflammation and swelling, promote lymphatic drainage, and enhance faster healing for injuries, as well as diabetic ulcers and other wounds.


Our Class IV high-power infrared laser therapy is the first FDA-cleared medical laser of its' kind and is widely accepted in the health community as the perfect option for painful conditions that are not successfully treated from medicine and surgery, and an obvious choice for those individuals who wish to reserve drugs and surgery as a last resort for the treatment of their condition.

Chronic Pain and Acute Injuries


• Plantar Fasciitis • Achilles Tendinitis • Sprains • Strains • Fractures • Stress Fractures •Arthritis • Bunions • Heel Pain • Knee Pain • Bursitis • Capsulitis

Neuropathy and Neuromas


• Neuropathy • Diabetic Neuropathy • Morton's Neuroma • Neuritis • Nerve Pain • Sciatica • Pinched Nerves

Wound Healing and Diabetic Ulcers


• Wounds • Surgical Wounds • Diabetic Ulcers • Venous Ulcers • Pressure Ulcers • Surgical Scars

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