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Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment in West Palm Beach

That guy from The Doctors
The Doctors TV Show endorses laser tonail fungus removal treatment

Watch the video from "The Doctors" TV Show about Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

"A new procedure for eliminating foot fungus is said to be 88 percent more effective than any other treatment on the market. See how the procedure is performed, and take preventative measures to prevent the fungus from forming."   - Dr. Travis Stork, MD

See Why Laser Treatment by Dr. Daniel Pero in West Palm Beach is Right for You

Dr. Daniel Pero performs laser toenail fungus removal treatment in West Palm Beach, FL
Dr. Daniel Pero performs laser toenail fungus removal treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Do you suffer from Toenail Fungus that won't go away with topical and oral medications?

Have you had Toenail Discoloration that has not been corrected despite various treatments for fungus?

Have you been using home remedies for Nail Fungus because you want to avoid prescription medications or because they simply don't work?

Have you been suffering from Toenail Fungus that comes and goes for years?

Have you been to several different specialists for Toenail Fungus and been unhappy with your treatment outcomes?

Are you ready to finally free yourself from the feelings of embarrassment and the need to modify your social activities because of the appearance of your toenails?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions you are a perfect candidate for a consultation with Dr. Daniel Pero for LASER toenail treatment. Read below for more information.


(If you're wondering what all these letters behind Dr. Pero's name mean, keep reading and you'll see why laser treatment with Dr. Pero is the best choice for laser and toenail fungus treatment....

...or just scroll down for Before and After photos!)

Dr. Pero has an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology (Clinical Laboratory Science, not just "Biology") which involves using science and machines in healthcare to diagnose disease. Microbiology is one of many facets of this field in which he was trained to identify disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus, including those which cause nail fungus. He even took a full semester long college graduate course focused on Medical Mycology, the study of fungus and yeast that cause disease in humans. He then worked for over 7 years in hospital laboratories and has experience and training in identifying and diagnosing infection, including the one in your toenails, among many other more life-threatening diseases, of course.

Dr. Pero earned a Doctorate Degree in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, an affiliate of Kent State University, and is a specialist in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, the world's leading authorities on diagnosis and treatment of all foot, ankle, and toenail disorders and diseases.

Dr. Pero has studied applications of medical, surgical, and cosmetic LASERS since before he finished his 3-year foot & ankle surgery residency in 2009, when laser treatment for toenail fungus first became FDA approved. He rotated with several Board-Certified medical and cosmetic Dermatologists in the country enriching his training in skin and nail disorders and pharmaceutical and laser treatment for a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions. He uses the same type of one of the first lasers approved for this fungus treatment, a YAG 1064nm laser, which was later bought by the world-renowned Cutera Laser company, and has transformed into the best laser on the market for toenail fungus eradication. It is also FDA approved for treating spider veins, facial veins, other vascular lesions, and for laser hair removal for unwanted hair.

Dr. Pero was the first physician to introduce YAG 1064nm laser toenail fungus treatment to northern Palm Beach County in 2012 at his first office location in West Palm Beach for Integrative Foot & Ankle Centers, which he now employs the use of several different types of lasers at all of his locations for treatment of various medical and cosmetic conditions. Many other podiatrists now offer laser treatment for toenail fungus in the West Palm Beach area with inferior lasers and with very little education, training, or experience with lasers. Even some Internal Medicine and OB/GYN doctors that chose to specialize in aesthetic medicine have also started offering laser treatment for toenail fungus, possibly with virtually no training or experience in the proper diagnosis and treatment of "onychomycosis", the medical term for nail fungus. And some medical spas in the West Palm Beach area also have estheticians or mid-level providers performing this laser treatment for suspected toenail fungus with a similar lack of background education, training, and experience in correctly diagnosing and treating nail fungus and other nail disorders. There are actually many conditions that can look like nail fungus when it is not, and they require diagnostic testing and other types of treatment, which may render your laser treatment there a waste of your time and money. Therefore, it is essential to be seen and examined by an honest expert in this field.

Dr. Pero has a 99% online approval rate by verified reviewers for laser toenail fungus treatments who received this treatment since 2012.

Dr. Pero is Board-Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and has been awarded Fellowship status of the American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine. He has been Board-Qualified in Foot & Ankle Surgery and is an Associate Member of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgery.

Dr. Pero has been one of very few Podiatrist members of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, The American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. He regularly attends professional educational events and workshops to continue his passion and experience with aesthetic lasers.

Dr. Pero is the co-founder of Sandals Med Spa in West Palm Beach and is one of very few lower extremity specialists who perform cosmetic procedures including laser toenail fungus treatment, laser spider vein removal, sclerotherapy, and PRP microneedling for stretch marks. He wrote protocols for these modalities which have been approved by the Sandals Med Spa double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon medical director, who can also use the 1064nm YAG laser at Sandals for those that have fungal involvement of their fingernails, which obviously no podiatry office can offer.

Dr. Pero has trademarked his own protocol for a combination of treatments used for correcting fungal nails that are resistant to typical medical and laser treatments, the Toenail Lift™, and has successfully treated hundreds of patients that have previously failed treatment by other specialists. In other words, he knows exactly why your toenail fungus won't go away or why it keeps coming back, which maybe your previous or current podiatrist or other specialists either don't know, or do not want to tell you.


Dr. Pero regularly offers and applies a temporary Keryflex™ nail restoration system which instantly creates a beautiful appearance of nails immediately after treatment, and can be used throughout the course of your laser treatment regimen. This is available by a physician only and not available in a nail salon. For more information on Keryflex™ click here.

Keryflex Nail Toenail Restoration & Rejuvenation for Fungus in West Palm Beach, FL

Typical Before & After Results for Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Treatment

Dr. Daniel Pero in the Media:

Health & Wellness Magazine of West Palm Beach and Northern Palm Beach County

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Removal in West Palm Beach Before & After Photo

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

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Latest Trends In Medical And Cosmetic Lasers: Fungal Toenails


By Dr. Daniel Pero, DPM

(Published in Health & Wellness Magazine)


As technology advances every year and new developments in medicine bring us the latest treatments for various conditions, both medical and cosmetic, yet another use for our favorite machine called a laser is now upon us. Yes, that scary little creature you may have seen on TV commercials wreaking havoc underneath some hapless victim’s toenail is now succumbing to the simple but discerning use of a safe and nearly painless ray of light wielded by your local foot and ankle surgeon.


LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation. To the physicist and tech geek this means a lot. But for most people, especially Austin Powers movie fanatics, just the word “laser“ sounds much more cutting edge. Several types of lasers that are utilized at different wavelengths have been employed for years to perform a plethora of treatments on the internal organs and surfaces of our bodies. And with new research and several machines approved by the FDA, we are pleased to announce that lasers can now be used from head to toe, quite literally.


Toenail fungus, or “onychomycosis” is a condition in which a microorganism, one or more of several different species of the Fungi kingdom, invades and disrupts the nail and nail bed of our toes. It feeds on the keratin, which makes up the majority of our nails and outer layer of skin. It causes discoloration, thickening of the nail, lifting of the nail off the nail bed, and sometimes a foul odor or even secondary infections in the surrounding skin, if severe enough.


This condition can be a very embarrassing and lifestyle-changing blemish for some. It can influence your decision whether or not to go bare foot, wear open toe shoes, go swimming in a pool, go to the beach, or stomp grapes to make wine in the traditional fashion. It can also be a serious issue for some people when initiating, or possibly ending, a new intimate relationship.

Clinical observation by a trained professional is usually sufficient for the diagnosis, although some questionable cases or resistant bugs require laboratory testing that can be ordered by a physician. This is usually done as a nail unit biopsy or a fungal culture, both easily obtained at an office visit.


Treatments for toenail fungus have included several different prescription medications dispensed in topical and oral tablet form, as well as a sundry list of home remedies. The oral medications have better results than the topical creams but also come with possible side effects including liver toxicity. With laser technology, some reports have shown about 85% effectiveness with one treatment. And there are no contraindications, drug interactions, black box warnings, or harmful side effects involved with treatment; other than some minor, temporary discomfort cause by heat generated by the laser in the toe, which dissipates almost immediately.


Treatment sessions usually only take about 10-20 minutes, and they should always be preceded by an initial evaluation by the foot specialist performing the treatment. Diagnostic testing may be warranted first, and concomitant topical medication therapy, or other procedures may be recommended at that time, in order to achieve optimal results. It should be noted that results are not immediate, and as the area of new nail grows out from under the cuticle, it will be clear, and as the discolored nail grows out, it is simply clipped away.


The typical toenail fungus sufferer has usually “had it for years, been to several doctors, tried countless over-the-counter and prescription medications, and nothing has worked”. Sometimes this is because another condition is mimicking a fungal infection, or there are additional factors about the nail bed that need to be addressed, and this must be done by an honest professional trained in diagnosing and treating nail disorders, regardless if laser is going to be used as a treatment in onychomycosis.

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